At all times we will endeavour to protect your personal information.
This Privacy Policy contains information on how we collect, use, disclose, store and deal with your personal information.

NoosaCare Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information which the organisation collects, holds and administers. Personal information is information which directly or indirectly identifies a person. We are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (as amended), and Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), which require organisations that hold personal information about people to handle that information responsibly. The Australian Privacy Principles are effective from 12th March 2014.

If you need any further information pertaining to a privacy matter or NoosaCare Policy and Practices, you should contact us at

Why do we collect your personal information?

NoosaCare Incorporated collects and administers a range of personal information from residents, prospective residents, prospective employees, and other individuals with whom we have contact. The organisation is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information it collects, holds and administers. NoosaCare Incorporated recognizes the essential right of individuals to have their information administered in ways which they would reasonably expect – protected on one hand, and made accessible to them on the other. These privacy values are reflected in and supported by our core values and philosophies. NoosaCare Incorporated is bound by laws which impose specific obligations when it comes to handling information. The organisation has adopted the following principles as minimum standards in relation to handling personal information. NoosaCare Incorporated will

  • Collect only information which the organisation requires for its primary function;
  • Ensure that stakeholders are informed as to why we collect the information and how we administer the information gathered;
  • Use and disclose personal information only for our primary functions or a directly related purpose as required by law, or for another purpose with the person’s consent;
  • Store personal information securely, protecting it from unauthorised access; and
  • Provide stakeholders with access to their own information, and the right to seek its correction.

We collect your personal information for the following purposes:-

  • Residents accounts and monthly statements
  • generating invoices and receipts;
  • dealing with your enquiries and customer service purposes;
  • Newsletters and marketing other products and services to you;
  • for any other reasonably expected purpose.

For all other uses or disclosure, we will obtain your consent.

If you do not provide all or part of the information requested, the consequences of this may be that:-

  • we will not adequately be able to carry out our services to you.

What personal information do we need to collect from you?

We may collect information including your name, address, contact phone and e-mail details.

How do we collect it?

We will collect personal information only by lawful and fair means and not in an unreasonable or intrusive way. This may be by way of online forms, emails or via telephone request.

We will only collect personal information about an individual, where it is reasonable and practicable for us to do so, from that individual only.

If we collect personal information about you from someone else, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that you are aware or have been made aware of the matters listed above (except to the extent that making you aware of these matters would pose a serious threat to the life or health of any individual).

Anti-spam policy

We will never rent or sell your personal information, including your email address.

Opting out of receiving marketing material

If you don’t want to receive newsletters, marketing promotions and offers, you can opt out by contacting us at:

We will still need to send you essential information, such as invoices and accounts.

Secure storage of your personal information

Keeping your personal information secure is a high priority. We take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

If your information is no longer needed, we take all reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify your personal information.

Our contact details

Our contact details are:-

186 Cooroy Noosa Road
Tewantin Qld 4565

If you feel your privacy rights have been breached, you can submit a complaint to us at:-