What Makes NoosaCare So Unique?

One reason is a little something that we like to call the NoosaCare Way. This is a simple model that is all about taking the institution out of care, handing back choice to residents, empowering them to take back control over their lives and make choices that suit their lifestyle.

There is more flexibility around resident care each day, focusing on the individual which means no work routines and flexible meal times. This is a part of NoosaCare’s vision to be the leader in the provision of aged care and dementia care, enabling residents and their families to make preferred lifestyle choices as they age.

Not all residents of NoosaCare are diagnosed with dementia however, it must be stated that all sites have a percentage of residents who have dementia but are not experiencing “wandering”.

We are strong advocates for a model of care that is supportive of everyday living in a vibrant setting with wide outdoor spaces. Our community was designed to enable our residents to find a balance between preventing physical injury and harm with meeting their desire to continue doing the things they enjoy. Therefore within the safety of our environment, our residents are encouraged to wander at leisure utilising the vast indoor and outdoor spaces available throughout both of the facilities.

As a community owned organisation, our commitment is to ensure that all residents have access to quality care and services, regardless of their financial standing. NoosaCare has no affiliation with any larger organisations, church groups or profit driven organisations. This gives us the flexibility to provide a model of care and setting that is reflective of the lifestyle our residents have always experienced in their community. Being Not-for-Profit means infrastructure and refurbishments are planned to ensure

What Is A Person Centered Approach

A person centred approach focuses on what people can do as individuals and is an approach to maintaining emotional and social well being. It is based on what makes individuals unique.

To have emotional and social well being is to have positive feeling about yourself. There are six feel-good factors which are:

  1. Be treated with respect by other people
  2. Feel safe and secure
  3. Be in close relationships with people that matter
  4. Have opportunities to express feelings
  5. Participate in things we enjoy
  6. Make choices and decisions

Our Commitment

The NoosaCare philosophy is to care for the residents of the community with encouragement, kindness, and compassion.

To be a recognised leader in the provision of aged and dementia care, enabling residents and their families to make preferred lifestyle choices as they age.