Risk Enablement

Each day brings it’s own catalogue of risks, some minor and some dangerous. But over time and with forgetting, there is the risk of being put on the sidelines, of being seen as a hinderance, and having control taken away from you, under the guise of it being for your own good. So, while we can, we must challenge the risks, if they don’t we are in danger of relaxing into the disease. At times we feel hopeless. At time the hurt we feel is indescribable and we can let it be a barrier to life. But there is a life for us, if we risk it. – Morgan, 2009, living with dementia.

Design & Hotel Services

Noosa is world famous for its stunning beaches and lush natural surrounds which has been the influence behind the architecture and furnishings of the Dementia Living Community.

The building is designed to show our love of the outdoors, capturing natural light with floor to ceiling windows that open out onto expansive patios and gardens. Soft, natural colours and textures adorn the inside rooms and living areas to reflect the Noosa lifestyle. Every single residence with private ensuite looks onto beautifully landscaped gardens providing a peaceful outlook from every room. With uniquely designed landscaping, residents will benefit from unobtrusive security to ensure their wellbeing.

A fully functional kitchen provides the opportunity for staff and residents to cook meals together and gather fresh herbs from our therapy gardens just like at home. A wellness room also offers a private space for residents to enjoy massage aromatherapy pamper packages. There is also a private overnight room where loved ones can come and stay during the first few days of a resident’s admission to help with the adjustment.

The Gardens

Themed gardens are the highlight of the Dementia Living Community, with beautiful meandering walkways that allow residents to wander freely.

The design incorporates research from all over the world but brings it back home with our unique design reflecting the Noosa lifestyle. Each sector replicates areas where our residents may have lived or worked in the past, creating a sense of calm and familiarity in their new home.

The Rural Sector

Accustomed to escaping through the enclosures and gates on the farm – Residents can smell, touch and lay in the fresh grass, interact with the chickens, collect their eggs, feed them and gather fresh produce from the sensory gardens. There is a men’s shed complete with tools and farm equipment and of course an old Mercedes Benz for tinkering. Once all the ‘work’ is done there is plenty of patio room to sit back, relax and admire the gardens.

The Rainforest

The Rainforest provides a cool forest canopy, with dappled light from surrounding trees and vegetation.

Escape the tropical sun and relax on the timber seat. Residents can enjoy the sounds of the birds playing in the bird bath or just rest amongst the lush trees.

The River

Just like the Noosa River, our little version is a favourite spot to enjoy.

Listen to the lapping water as it runs over the smooth pebbles and trickles under the timber bridge. Follow the bank past the lily pads and investigate the rowboat that has washed up on the shore.

The Beach

Something Noosa knows ALL about.

Smell the salt in the air, look at the palm trees and walk around the Pandanus trees. Surfboards can be seen scattered along the paths as Residents take off their shoes and enjoy an early morning stroll. Chill out under the shade of the umbrella and just enjoy the beach life.

Dementia Care

Our unique dementia living model of care honours that there is still a life worth living after a diagnosis of dementia.

This model has been customised to suit NoosaCare’s approach to specialised Dementia Care with a strong focus on lifestyle and social wellbeing.