Our unique Dementia Living Model of care honours that there is still a life worth living after a diagnosis of dementia

This model has been customised to suit NoosaCare’s approach to specialised Dementia Care with a strong focus on lifestyle and social wellbeing.

Our Dementia Living Community (Memory Support Unit), incorporates research from around the globe and brings it back home with architecturally designed buildings and landscaped gardens that perfectly reflect the Noosa lifestyle and natural surrounds. The staff are also specifically chosen to ensure the right fit for our residents. Situated in quiet, peaceful surroundings that perfectly reflects the Noosa lifestyle, we endeavour to consistently provide only the best in dementia care services in line with best practices for residential care.

We believe aged care does not have to mean “institutional care” and as the need for Dementia care grows within the Community we are dedicated to providing a future where people continue to make lifestyle choices as they age.

Dementia Living Model of Care

NoosaCare believes that a diagnosis of dementia is no barrier to living a full life.

The Dementia Living Model of care has its foundation on the three pillars of Environment, Engagement, and Food.


The environment has a significant impact on people living with dementia.

NoosaCare strives to maintain a culturally appropriate environment for its residents. Noosa culture is about swimming in the ocean before work and walks along the river in the evenings. Rainforest hikes in Noosa National Park on the weekend, after visiting the local farmers’ markets. People from across the globe retire to Noosa to enjoy the lifestyle. In our Dementia Living Community, this means large outdoor areas that represent the surrounding environment of the river, the beach, the rainforest and the rural area. These spaces feature a men’s shed, a chook run, edible gardens, a flowing stream and a contemplation hut. These areas are all designed so that residents can safely access them any time of day they choose.


Engagement with family, staff and the community can improve the self-esteem of someone living with dementia by providing a daily purpose.

The staff of Cartwright House are specifically selected, to provide on-going Education on Dementia. The idea of doing WITH the resident, not TO the resident ensures it becomes a meaningful place for both residents and staff. Engagement with the Community is encouraged with numerous weekly bus trips around the beautiful Sunshine Coast and through friendships with our large volunteer base. Families are always welcome, with intimate areas inside for visiting family or large outdoor areas for grandchildren to explore. Flexible work routines ensure that staff have time to spend with residents watering the garden or doing indoor activities such as art, dance or music.


Is there any greater pleasure than a mouth-watering meal made with love?

With inspiration from Maggie Beer and her dream to improve the dining experiences of the elderly, the Dementia Living Community features two well-appointed kitchens where together with volunteers and staff the residents can rediscover the joy of good food.

Flexible meal times allow residents a relaxed atmosphere where staff can sit and enjoy a meal with them. Families are always welcome to share a meal in the dining room, or outside on one of the large decks. All food at NoosaCare is freshly made from locally sourced produce. Our edible gardens also provide a sense of purpose for our residents, harvesting and sharing the food they have grown.

The Staff

Specially chosen staff have received extensive dementia education and participate in the day to day life of the residents.

They share meals together, wash up together, make bread together, laugh, cry and most importantly, they LIVE each day together.

The Staff of Noosacare in partnership with Sunshine Coast University has conducted several research projects which support the DementiaLiving Model of Care. We are also involved at an Executive Level with the Lantern Project through Bond University. The Lantern Project’s purpose is to shine a light on the issue of food in aged care using old-fashioned quality, local produce, and utilising the wisdom of our older residents.

Dementia Living Community

NoosaCare believes that a diagnosis of dementia is no barrier to living a full life.

Noosa is world famous for its stunning beaches and lush natural surrounds which has been the influence behind the architecture and furnishings of the Dementia Living Community