Our Vision

We enable our community to live well with dignity and choice.

Our Mission

Delivery of differentiated, quality, personalised services in a caring and contemporary environment.

Our Philosophy

The NoosaCare philosophy is to care for the residents of the community with encouragement, kindness and compassion.

To uphold their dignity, privacy and comfort while conducting the administration and provision of services in the highest professional manner.

Our Core Values

  • We place our residents and their families at the forefront of all we do.
  • We believe Aged Care does not mean “institutional care”.
  • Our market leading services are delivered in a commercially viable and sustainable manner at all times.
  • Our brand and regulatory reputation matters and will be managed and protected at all times.
  • Our dementia care services are recognised as a centre of excellence for best practice and resident care.
  • Our staff are our most valuable asset and fundamental to our continued success.
  • We value the ability to be strongly independent and provide a unique and personal alternative.
  • We will be known as a “safe and happy place” to work and an employer of choice.

Things We Care About

Happy, healthy & safe residents

  • Innovative and contemporary care practice
  • Market leading services, particularly in accommodation, catering and support services
  • Modern, contemporary living environment
  • Varied and tailored lifestyle programs

Excellence in Dementia Care

  • Best practice care and services informed by research and evidence
  • A stimulating environment in line with evidence based practice
  • Ongoing outreach activities, including through the Dementia Cafe

Positive engagement with community

  • Positive community awareness and engagement
  • Strong relationships with key stakeholders
  • Proactive philanthropic program
  • Dynamic marketing strategy highlighting points of difference

Skilled, motivated and professional staff and volunteers

  • Effective attraction and retention strategies, including rostering and remuneration
  • Training and professional development opportunities
  • Appropriate organisational structure that meets changing needs
  • Culture that promotes supportive, autonomous, inclusive, open, working environment

Financial and sustainable business

  • Proactive financial decision-making, particularly in relation to investment strategies, diversification projects and capital works
  • Prudent financial management and reporting
  • Focus on continuous improvement and productive gains
  • Compliance with regulations and standards