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I don’t need my memory to enjoy life…in fact now more than ever I need to enjoy every hour, every minute, every second…my ability to achieve purpose and pleasure is just more difficult…

What have I always enjoyed?

  • What was my former lifestyle, work, history, social activities, sports, travel…what rocked my world…?

What makes me feel important?

  • Let’s make the most of skills I have not forgotten
  • Domestic duties (inside or out) are things I have done my whole life, and may be things I can still do, so don’t be shy, get me sweeping the path, mixing a cake, drying up…I want to feel like I still can contribute.

I feel happy but may not remember why

  • I may enjoy a gorgeous day out together, however don’t be sad if I don’t remember the details of the day…the joy will still be in my heart…even if I can’t remember why…

Focus on one thing at a time

  • Break down activities into one step at a time
  • Communicate those steps one at a time

Keep me safe

  • I may have difficulties with my visual perception and coordination as people living with dementia often do
  • Uncluttered surfaces, good lighting, reduced noise will all assist me
  • Plastic containers sometimes are better than glass

Time of the day is important

  • There are times of the day when I function better than others, I may be a great walker in the morning or restless in the afternoon and love a big long walk then
  • Generally, the mornings are best, but again I am unique, so my best time will be unique

I love sensory input

  • Massage my hands, neck or feet
  • Brush my hair
  • Fresh flowers
  • Essential oils
  • Stoke an animal
  • Smell and hold a baby
  • Taste foods I love
  • Listen to music I love, opera, classical, heavy metal…just play it loud….

Don’t give up
We are going to have failures and mistakes, that’s life, don’t take it all to seriously, and if we both end up covered in paint…. laugh with me….

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